We are excited to announce our involvement in the 30th annual AHIMA HIP Week! From our entry level coders and auditors, all the way up to our directors and executives, TrustHCS has many health information professionals that strive daily to provide high quality services to the industry.

This week we will be highlighting 5 employees that have stood out in the crowd, providing exceptional performance in our organization and to our clients. They are natural born leaders, encouraging to their peers, and the epitome of trust builders that are driven by integrity. These health information professionals have been nominated by TrustHCS leadership to receive recognition during this special week.


Kelly Cogdell

Our first health information professional receiving special recognition this week is Kelly Cogdell. Kelly serves as a Compliance Resource Manager for TrustHCS. She is responsible for overseeing the generation and distribution of all compliance and resource data pertaining to TrustHCS clients.

TrustHCS leadership nominated Kelly for recognition sighting her attention to detail. In the overall management of quality reporting for TrustHCS coding staff, precision and accuracy are critical. “Kelly goes above and beyond to make sure she gathers all information before sending it out to peers. This is invaluable in our profession.” stated Nicole Evans, TrustHCS Director of Coding Resource Support. When asked to describe the first characteristic that comes to mind when thinking of Kelly, “precise” was an immediate response from the TrustHCS team.

Tied to Kelly’s focus on detail, she is also a welcomed member of the team. When quality scores are delivered and improvements are needed, feedback can be found as either disheartening or as a learning and improvement opportunity. Kelly brings a demeanor and sense of care with the quality data she delivers that helps the TrustHCS coding team excel and not be discouraged in their professional growth.

When asked what encouragement the TrustHCS leadership team would give to Kelly as she continues to grow her career, the team simply stated, “Keep doing what you’re doing!”


Happy HIP Week!

We look forward to celebrating with you this week and sharing in various HIP stories. Stay tuned for more on TrustHCS employees who are receiving special recognition this week and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog! And, if no one has mentioned it to you, thanks for all you do as a Health Information Professional. Happy HIP Week!