This week has been one for reflecting, recognizing, and emphasizing the influence that health information professionals have in our industry. We have highlighted a handful of the TrustHCS team our leadership wanted to pay special attention to during this special week. As we reflected on the 500+ health information professionals on our team, we could help but recall all of the team members who have worked with us for more than a decade. As the HIP work week comes to an end, we want to call special attention to one of those long-time team members who we cherish dearly.


Minnie Mannis

Minnie Mannis, Coding Compliance Auditor for TrustHCS, will be retiring at the end of this month. Minnie has been with our company for 14 years and has left her mark on many of our clients and team members. When asked to recount the impact Minnie has had at TrustHCS, our Executive Director of Coding Operations, Cindy Doss, had the following to share.


“Minnie was one of the first employees I hired when we started out 14 years ago. She was a key member in our successful beginnings as Nauvalis Healthcare. She always strives for excellence. It was Minnie and a fellow coder that became the first Compliance Team when we embarked on that aspect of our offerings. She has never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge, organization, ability to get things done and willingness to do more and help others. She will be missed by many and will always be thought of as a valued TrustHCS employee. I want to congratulate her on taking retirement and encourage her to enjoy her life.”


Many on the team have stated Minnie has the ability to take on the work that would typically be expected of three people. Yet, she never hesitates to help when somebody asks for assistance with something else. She has been characterized as reliable, dependable, and always willing to help others. It is those that exhibit these cherished qualities of Minnie Mannis that make it that much easier and enjoyable to serve in the health information profession.


Minnie, from the TrustHCS family to you, we wish you the best as you move into a well-earned retirement!


Part of the Family

Picture below, you will see Minnie Mannis and her granddaughter. 13 years ago when Minnie starting working for us, her granddaughter suffered a stroke unexpectantly and was not expected to survive. However, she made a full recovery and the picture below was taken this past year, right before Brittany graduated college! Minnie was able to weather this storm, continue to serve as a valuable TrustHCS team member, and take care of her family. Minnie has always been skilled at balancing her responsibilities both at home and at work. We celebrate along with Minnie the recovery her granddaughter experienced over the course of the past several years. We share a large portion of our lives with those we work with. It is a blessing to get to share in the personal victories as well!


Happy HIP Week!

As HIP Week 2019 starts to wind down, please know that TrustHCS is always available to assist when your health information professionals are overwhelmed or you simply need more HIP resources to tackle your workload.  Happy HIP Week and here is to a prosperous remainder of the year!