Improve the direction of your revenue

and build new bridges for better healthcare reimbursement.


Revenue Integrity

Under value based care, your silos of segmented information and departmental operations no longer suffice. More data and ubiquitous access create a new revenue cycle reality: one where the whole of your organization’s information far exceeds the sum of its parts. Stronger revenue cycle collaboration improves your organization’s financial health.

Pivot from old-school silos to enterprise revenue cycle integrity with TrustHCS revenue integrity advisors. You’ll access the consulting expertise you need to navigate changing reimbursement models and new payment paradigms.

We work as sentinels alongside your revenue cycle team to look ahead and monitor case mix index.  Keep what you earn and stay two steps ahead of revenue cycle risk with true partnership support from TrustHCS. Our advisors build collaboration between coders, CDI and providers with ongoing audits to measure, monitor and mentor your entire revenue cycle team. Everything we do leaves a positive, long-lasting impact on your case mix index with three specific goals:

  • Monitor and increase your case mix
  • Keep every dollar you earn
  • Ensure revenue integrity

TrustHCS revenue integrity advisory services cover ambulatory, acute and post acute care settings.


Ambulatory settings: ED, interventional radiology & cardiology, outpatient surgery, pain management, wound care, rehabilitation, ancillary, radiation oncology, chemotherapy and ambulatory service center.

Acute and post acute care: DRG accuracy and assurance, medical necessity, behavioral health, home health, hospital, LTAC, swing bed and step down units.

Discover how greater collaboration fosters financial health with revenue integrity advisory services from TrustHCS.

Effective damage control for RAC, MIC, MAC and more

Confidence that all clinical information related to a patient’s episode of care is accurately documented, coded, billed and paid is your goal. It’s our goal too.

Amidst a plethora of auditing agencies trying to take back your revenue, TrustHCS works with you to reduce risk and cost. We identify and implement collaborative improvements across every department and care location to:

  • Enable cost reduction
  • Mitigate audit and recoupment risk
  • Accelerate revenue cycle performance
  • Improve revenue integrity for ambulatory, acute and post-acute care organizations

Every department becomes more focused on correct data and the trickle-down effect of errors with TrustHCS advisory services. Let us help you build a successful revenue integrity program for the journey to value based care.

Engage the revenue integrity mindset

TrustHCS brings decades of documentation, coding, billing and revenue cycle expertise to your organization. Credentialed staff, clinicians and strategic partners deliver our revenue integrity advisory services in a cost-effective, accountable way with measurable and sustainable results. We hold up a mirror to your Medpar data, uncovering  new reimbursement opportunities and workflow improvement options.

Our programs include dynamic monitoring and active collaboration between coding, CDI and providers. Linear silos of information are broken down to create a continuous cycle of revenue cycle improvement during the care episode.