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We have loved getting the opportunity to spotlight our employees this week! The end of the week may be closing in, but we aren’t stopping yet!

As we are recognizing our employees for their exceptional performance in the health information arena, don’t forget that that Trust Builder Award is used to recognize your facility employees exceptional performance. Our panel of past winners selects two winners each year, once from an HIM background, and another from CDI. If you know of somebody who stands out in the crowd, don’t hesitate to nominate them today!

Our highlighted TrustHCS Health Information Professional for today is Beth Kegley.


Beth Kegley

Beth Kegley serves as a Coding Specialist for TrustHCS. She is another individual that continues to stabilize the foundation that our staffing services are built upon. When asked to summarize the character Beth most embodies, consistency was at the top of the list.

Outside of maintaining high quality scores and productivity as a coding specialist, Beth has also maintained consistency in the value she brings across her team. The TrustHCS leadership team noted that Beth is one of the first to provide peer support to newly assigned resources that assist her shared clients. She has also been pivotal in helping build and deliver tools that have maintained consistent service delivery for her clients.

TrustHCS Director of Coding Operations, Jen McMilleon, had this to share about Beth. “Beth is a team player who is always willing to help other coders. She has done this while managing to take on projects and covering when needed while maintaining a positive attitude and high standards.”

Beth is an extremely valued health information professional at TrustHCS and we’re happy to give her praise during the 2019 HIP Week!


Happy HIP Week!

While we have only one more TrustHCS team member to highlight this week, the recognition for professionals in your life can continue past this set-aside time. Go to our Trust Builder Award page to nominate someone in your professional circle who could use some serious recognition.