2019 Trust Builder Award Winners

Collaboration is a key ingredient in the future success of healthcare.

“It has been another great year of nominee submissions for the 2019 Trust Builder Award. As the peer review group continues to grow and more health information professionals become involved, the concept and purpose of the Trust Builder award becomes more prominent in our industry. It is always encouraging to see the impact that so many of our candidates have on their peer groups. The success stories that we see on a yearly basis let us know that the industry is still improving, people are still learning, and groups are still adapting.”

Torrey Barnhouse


Clinical Documentation Improvement Trust Builder Award Winner

Dr. Sheldon Berkowitz

Medical Director for Case Management, Utilization Management, and Clinical Documentation Improvement

Children’s Minnesota

Trust Builder award winner, Dr. Sheldon Berkowitz, was nominated by Director of Health Information Management Anne Tegen. “He is extremely committed to ensuring that the ‘business of medicine’ is as successful as the care of patients.”, stated Tegen. “As a result, there has been an increase in overturning denials, an improved perception of the importance of completed and accurate documentation by clinicians, and a clinical champion for the case management, utilization management, CDI, and coding teams.”

Dr. Berkowitz’s nomination noted his work with the organization’s physicians, CDI professionals, coders, and even registered dietitians. His engagement as the Clinical Liaison provided clinical protocols to clarify the most challenging and high-volume queries. His efforts include the development of query templates, customized for each patient, within the medical record. He also worked across the organization to develop a protocol for malnutrition using National Guidelines and standard terminology to reflect the necessary clinical indicators. He has and continues to provide both one-on-one, and collective physician engagement, as well as education to CDI and coding teams on query response optimization.

Health Information Management Trust Builder Award Winner

Christine Williams

RHIA: Document Integrity Manager

University of Wisconsin Health

Trust Builder award winner, Christine Williams, was nominated by HIM Supervisor Ann Brown. “Christine is a natural leader who inspires and motivates others through commitment, lasting relationships, and innovative ideas.  This enables her to build trust and make connections where none existed before.” stated Brown.

It was noted in the nomination process that Christine openly communicates expectations from the very beginning of all projects, and even when working on major projects simultaneously, always ensures timeliness and a successful transition. She leads by example while supporting others, which naturally allows others to see what committed leadership looks like. Christine has 81 staff that report up to her. She knows all of the workflows of the individuals that report to her, is very hands on, and is respected by all of her employees because of her discernment in delegating work, empowering others, and serving as a mentor or role-model consistently. She continues to advocate well for people that work closely with her both inside of the workplace, and out.

Christine has chosen The Rape Crisis Center to receive her $2,500 Trust Builder Award charitable donation.