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Auditing Services

Our external audits that validate your clinical coding, DRG codes and documentation through personnel-specific or organization-wide approachesSince the implementation of ICD-10 coding, industry experts suggest more frequent external audits—monthly or quarterly versus only once a year. Our auditing services include external audits that validate your clinical coding, DRG codes and documentation through personnel-specific or organization-wide approaches.

With an average 8 years healthcare experience, you’ll find knowledgable advisors that deliver measurable, sustainable results for your ambulatory, acute or post-acute care organization.

  • Coding, CDI or revenue cycle audits and monitoring
  • Retrospective (post-bill), concurrent (pre-bill) or prospective
  • Data-driven analysis of claims data with 360-degree review
  • Risk focused, personnel specific or organization wide

TrustHCS audits are designed to review specific areas of weakness, denials or executive concern. Our didactic programs use an instructor led approach to audits and ongoing education.

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Revenue monitoring for better reimbursement

Bring our deep knowledge of ICD-10 coding, CDI and healthcare reimbursement to your clinical and financial initiatives, including value based care. We deliver audit experts and working guidance to advance your revenue cycle objectives and achieve continuous quality improvement.

Working collaboratively with revenue cycle leadership, we build a sold plan for your success. Monitoring services are provided via focused, ongoing review or through proactive monitoring for targeted initiatives. And since one auditor’s  experience can become an action plan for improving other areas of your organization, we remain in close communication and constant contact with you throughout every step of our engagement.

MS-DRG Validation

APR-DRG Validation

Risk of Mortality

Severity of Illness

Present on Admission

Hospital Acquired Conditions

Patient Safety Indicators

Risk Adjustment



Rehab, Behavioral Health, LTC, Home Health




Facility E/M

Professional E/M


Observation Hours



Physician Focus

Looking for an agile approach to external audits and monitoring? You’ll find it at TrustHCS. We’re committed to delivering mentoring relationships and monitoring programs built on strong reporting, open lines of communication, and a personalized approach.

TrustHCS has produced insightful, meaningful outcomes via specialized and cost-effective audits to my organization in order to assist us in the decision-making process of future employees, reimbursement forecasts, and coding services.

417 bed acute care community hospital

Evolve your coding and CDI audits

The move to ICD-10 added another layer of audit complexity and requirement as health systems stepped up their coding quality review processes, procedures and partners in 2016. Clinical documentation improvement is now also under the microscrope for ICD-10 granularity and specificity.

With added scrutiny, It makes sense for both CDI and coding to proactively connect the dots through unified audits and findings review. Three types of coding and documentation auidts are now recommended with prompt data sharing and action across departments.

  • Ongoing pre-bill reviews for known weaknesses
  • Monthly coding audits for high-dollar and high-volume cases
  • Monthly clinical documentation audits by service line

Insights gleaned from CDI and coding industry experts can be applied to all external audit programs—including yours.