HIM Directors are keenly aware of the transition to ICD-10 (see our blogs). Meaningful use of EHRs, 5010 billing changes, RAC audits and staffing issues are front and center on the list of threats facing healthcare today. HIM departments and CIOs are confronted with an ever-expanding list of “to dos” coupled with decreasing margins and cries to cut expenses.

In light of all the pressing issues, have you remembered to plan for and implement important changes in Cancer Registry? We hope so. Since the new schedule for abstracting and editing started in Jan. 2011.

The new burden on registries is enormous. Not only are the schedules changing but all four reference books are in flux. Here’s the TrustHCS official list of registry changes:

• Changes in schedules
• Changes in all four reference books
• Changes in cancer reporting requirements and standards
• Changes in cancer staging
• Additional field and software changes
• New rapid reporting requirements will be implemented and enforced

While changes are difficult to manage, they are here for a reason. Together they make reporting more current and provide important information leading to better cancer treatments and saved lives. It’s that old “saved lives” concept that makes changes hard to ignore.

Don’t let Cancer Registry be forgotten in your organization. Set the stage with your senior management to get the resources you need before it becomes a crisis. Be proactive and implement the change. Somebody has to do it! We’re here to help.