CDI Auditing

Trusted experts and specialized auditors band together for optimal performance

CDI auditing assists in a range of ways from refocusing a CDI team via insights to performing regular review of queries for policy compliance. Clinical Documentation Improvement auditors from TrustHCS help CDI programs seeking:

Identification of focus areas for CDI improvement


Recurring CDI team feedback and development plans


New CDI program opportunity assessment


DRG Focused Review


Query Compliance Review


Third Party Mediation on mismatches between coding and CDI

TrustHCS Can Help

TrustHCS auditors deploy client-specific audit and assessment programs to:

  • Adjust CDI practices to ensure appropriate diagnosis capture
  • Establish ongoing CDI development programs across the team
  • Identify missed query opportunities from CDI staff
  • Detail additional program improvements with associated KPI impacts and plans to deploy

Tailored Audits and Engagement Flexibility

Tailored Audit Programs

Specific to client objectives across:

    • CDI query compliance
    • CDI query topics, response, and impact analysis
    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Service Line specific Accuracy/Quality
    • CDI development and education

Engagement Models

To fit any need including:

    • One-time CDI audits
    • Recurring audits in annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily timeframes
    • Revenue Integrity Monitoring with continual targeting areas of improvement and one-to-one mentorship

Detailed Audit Reporting

Insights covering:

    • Recommended queries by topic
    • Query potential impact
    • Actual CDI queries verses recommended queries
    • DRG shift impact from recommended CDI queries
    • CDI query compliance concerns
Measuring CDI program efficacy, policy adherence, and growth opportunity all start with expert CDI auditor engagement from TrustHCS.

CDI Program Opportunity Assessment

For those looking to launch a CDI program, TrustHCS auditors can provide a detailed CDI Opportunity Assessment. This assessment is designed to assess provider documentation and opportunities for improvement in DRG, SOI and ROM assignments. The auditor team reviews:

Current physician documentation practices to assess the potential need for education

Documentation improvement and the potential financial impact of the identified issues

Pertinent Coding Elements related to the DRG, SOI and ROM



TrustHCS auditors maintain industry credentials and are experienced in the Clinical Documentation Improvement industry. The TrustHCS CDI auditing team also provides clients access to a skilled and industry respected set of educators to make the most of audit findings and CDIS development.


CDI audit programs often require specialized auditor engagement to gain the best insights. The TrustHCS team is specialized within specific patient types, care settings and organization types including Academic Medical Centers, Short-term Acute Care, Critical Access Hospitals, and Children’s Hospitals.


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