CDI Staffing Services

Inpatient, Outpatient, and Ambulatory Expertise

Clinical Documentation Improvement programs face various issues that can wreak havoc on delivering the full benefits of a properly executed program. TrustHCS has helped CDI programs facing:


Vacancies and difficulty acquiring credentialed CDI professionals


Minimal payor and service line coverage


Lacking program key performance measurements


Avoidable denials


CDI program management vacancies

TrustHCS Can Help

The TrustHCS team of CDI consultants, auditors, and credentialed professionals can:

  • Quickly ramp up CDI staff to handle program coverage
  • Expand program coverage to include all payors, outpatient, or ambulatory CDI
  • Establish and maintain key performance metrics to justify and maintain CDI efforts
  • Enhance CDI program practices to include industry best practices and organization specific goals
  • Ensure accurate Case Mix Index and appropriate reimbursement
  • Review denied claims with experienced appeals writer to determine if an appeal is substantiated

    CDI Staffing, Consulting, and Education

    The multi-disciplinary TrustHCS CDI team is available to provide your CDI program:

    • Credentialed CDIS and CCDS professionals with backgrounds in both nursing and Health Information Management
    • CDI service delivery teams for program guidance, outsourced team member management, and ongoing productivity and quality compliance monitoring
    • CDI impact analysis and reporting related to program key metrics
    • Consulting for CDI program analysis and improvement plan implementation
    • Tailored CDI education for professional growth in existing staff

    As one of the first to provide remote CDI staffing in both Inpatient and Outpatient settings, the TrustHCS team has a history of delivering in the Clinical Documentation Improvement space.

    Staff to Expand

    Read more about how additional CDI staff helped expand programs at Piedmont Healthcare to 90% coverage.

    Overall Program Improvement

    Learn how the combination of program guidance and staffing at CoxHealth helped deliver a $9 million positive program impact.

    Connect With Trusted Experts

    Connect with the TrustHCS team of industry respected CDI consultants and project managers today to discuss the needs of your CDI program.

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