Tailored education for better ICD-10 coding, CDI and physician collaboration

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Improve physician documentation, coding and billing compliance even when you’re short on time or staff with tailored educational services from TrustHCS. Our ongoing education, mentoring and professional development supports your entire revenue cycle—from front to middle and back.

We provide specialty specific training for providers along with one-on-one mentoring for coding staff and CDI specialists. With an average of 8 years’ experience among our education and mentoring team, we’ve increased the knowledge of over 15,000 coders, CDI staff and physicians nationwide through:

  • Specialty specific training
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Certification and credential preparation
  • Apprenticeships
  • Professional development events
  • Knowledge center webinars, podcasts and other resources

Whether you choose specialty instruction through our TrustHCS Academy or individual, tailored education, your team will be transformed with new, connected learning from TrustHCS.

Education is key. By having our coders trained by TrustHCS, we had a process in place that fortified our motto, facilitated continuous feedback and strengthened our team.

Community health system and regional referral center

Connected learning unites coding, CDI and doctors

By working as a team, your organization quickly identifies trends, patterns, strengths and weaknesses for clinical documentation, coding and quality reporting. We bring coders, CDI specialists and physicians together, one specialty at a time. The three areas learn simultaneously, but not always during the same class, how to produce stronger revenue integrity results.

Our educators and mentors also help solve long-standing revenue cycle challenges through our connected learning model. Silos break down and bridges emerge to take full advantage of new reimbursement opporutunites under MACRA and value based care.

  • Precise training targets documentation and coding gaps
  • Effective damage control reduces denials and recoupments
  • Key connections get established between CDI, coding and physicians
  • Proactive education steers improvements under MACRA and value based reporting
  • Specialty training and mentoring options are always available

The middle of the revenue cycle is your most vital link between patient engagement and revenue capture. Make yours stronger and more effective with education advisory services from TrustHCS.

Collaboration between coders, CDI, and healthcare providers is increasingly important to paint an appropriate picture of each patient’s severity of illness and risk of mortality.  Teamwork between these three areas yields better transparency, brings three very different perspectives to the table, and is key to communicating quality information.

Nena Scott, MSEd, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CCDS

AHIMA ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer Certificate Holder, Director of Coding Quality and Professional Development

TrustHCS Academy boosts performance

Dramatic healthcare changes are at hand. Rely on the TrustHCS Academy to prepare your coders, CDI specialists and physicians for the new coding and documentation challenges ahead.

At the TrustHCS Academy, you won’t find an academic institution. Instead, you’ll discover a collective group of coding, CDI and physician training-related offereings and events organized into three categories:

  • Certification / credential preparation: training resources, events and exercises are delivered via self-paced coursework, live or pre-recorded lectures, gropu discussions and practice exercises
  • Apprenticeship: a mentor-led emersion experience
  • Professional development events: training resources, events and exercises to improve or broaden a credentialed professional’s technical skill and knowledge

Our instructors take a specialty approach to disperse clinical knowledge from all perspectives—and share education among all parties concerned.

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