Proven practices to reconcile your revenue cycle quickly

Continued development of Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement professionals within an organization can have direct impact on the revenue cycle. TrustHCS can help providers seeking:

Assistance delivering and education program when time and resources are limited


Successful launch of new service lines or program target areas by training existing teams


Establishment of on-going coding and CDI mentorship and training

TustHCS Can Help

TrustHCS education team can deploy the proper mix of education programs to:

  • Decrease dependence on outsourced staff by developing provider internal teams
  • Establish tailored training for coding team members based on identified growth areas
  • Expand existing team knowledge on industry best practices

Upskilling, Apprenticeship, and Education

TrustHCS offers various services to address team development needs. When necessary, a preliminary audit can be completed to identify which of the following services could have the greatest impact.

  • Coder Apprenticeship
  • New Coder Development
  • Coder Upskilling
  • CDI Bootcamps
  • Coder Mentorship
  • HCC Bootcamps


As one of the industry leading providers in educational program development accross coding and CDI, we deploy programs that deliver quick positive impact to your team.


Experienced Educators

TrustHCS educators are experienced educators of both provider teams and the hundreds of TrustHCS professionals. Our educators bring deep backgrounds in Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement and are connected to industry changes that directly impact professional training.

Proven Results

Outside of delivering bootcamps, upskilling education, and various topic-specific training; TrustHCS has also helped establish apprenticeship programs that utilize all facets of TrustHCS education offerings. Read the story of Ohio State University and their apprenticeship program by clicking here.

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