EHR Revenue Cycle Support

DNFB, Edit Reconciliation, and Denial Management Successes

Moving to any EHR can be a taxing process. Planning for initial dips in productivity within the revenue cycle are important parts of the move. There are several objectives that should be top of mind when considering or wrapping up an EHR transition.  

EHR Transition
Complete the transition with minimal impact to DNFB (discharged not final billed)
Work Queue
Establish an organization specific coding work queue methodology
Reconcile edits to quickly reach full efficacy with claims scrubbing
Address post go-live backlogs quickly

Your Tailored Plan and Solution

TrustHCS has served as a go-to partner for leading EHR implementations. We have helped establish organization specific approaches to DNFB management, edit reconciliation, and work queue methodology for hundreds of clients. Your TrustHCS team is available to help deliver:

  • Data driven service plans across coding, denials management, and edit reconciliation
  • Coordinated project management teams experienced with leading EHRs
  • Established regular feedback for edit and work queue enhancements
  • Access to both Coding Professionals and Data Specialists to maintain work queues by skill and expertise
  • Rapid response to resource need fluctuations to optimize budgets


    Address Common DNFB Reasons

    Cerner based solutions from TrustHCS help address DNFB across these common sources:

     DNFB Waiting for Coding

     Charge Updates

     Documentation Updates

     Charge Review

     Late Charges

     Demographic Review

     Correction Required

     Bill Suppression Hold

     Denials Requiring Clinical Appeal

     Charge Correction

     Credit Balance – No Charges

     Received Coding Query

     Received H&P

     Received Operative Report

     Waiting for H&P

     Waiting for Procedure Note

     Held in Scrubber

     Pending Registration Modification

    EHR Expertise and Solutions

    Trust your DNFB management needs in the Cerner solution to a partner who:


    Provides coding resources, resource managers, and project directors experienced in your specific EHR
    Supports hundreds of clients across all major EHR solutions
    Best Practice
    Provide best practice guidance based on history with your specific EHR

    Request Your Support Analysis

    Request an analysis from TrustHCS to understand expectations of your existing coding teams compared to needed coding and edit reconciliation support. Your analysis will include:

    Phased based hours for coding and edit reconciliation

    Detailed support needs by encounter or record type across the entire launch

    Request your DNFB Support Analysis: