With CDI expansion becoming the norm rather than the exception, today’s CDI professionals will be performing many more reviews across a greater number of care settings. The advice in this post sets a solid foundation for the CDI journey ahead.

According to a 2016 ACDIS focus group, CDI directors want to expand their programs beyond Medicare inpatient cases. Next-step targets include non-Medicare payers and outpatient settings. However, while the desire to grow CDI programs exists, expansion requires sufficient resources and executive support.

One Midwest health system recently concluded a pilot program to ascertain the impact of a 100 percent all-payer CDI program. The goal of the pilot was to prove to senior leadership, through metrics, that funding the program would position the organization for value-based reimbursement. The project yielded eight lessons learned for other CDI directors and organizations considering program expansion, or a hybrid blend of remote and onsite CDI specialists.  This month’s post explores the pilot program’s initial justification, three key components, and 8 lessons learned.

Learn more about the successes, glitches, and the lessons learned from an all payer CDI expansion program and understand what to expect if you are considering expanding your own CDI program.

By: Jana Armstrong, RHIA, CPC

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