Each day, the TrustHCS recruiting team reaches out to and speaks with established and up-and-coming talent in the Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement space. My recruiting team is consistently asked, “What can I be doing to help increase my chances of landing my dream job?” I recently asked my team their thoughts around this question. I threw out the caveat that any recommendations should have an investment of time and no more than $100. Here are some of the suggestions they provided for this all-too-common question.


1. Hone Your Non-Credentialed Skills with LinkedIn Learning

In our industry we typically focus our training and education around our certifications and credentials. However, there are many other skills outside of determining the proper medical code or writing an appropriate query that are important. Luckily, LinkedIn Learning has become a great resource to help with these skills for a small fee. For under $100, our recruiting team noted you can access 3 months of LinkedIn Learning to take on courses like the following:

Some of the trainings provided within LinkedIn Learning also generate certifications that can be added to your LinkedIn professional profile. It’s well worth exploring what is offered on the LinkedIn platform for these trainings. Watching or listening to a training while on the elliptical, making dinner, or just enjoying your morning coffee could make all the difference in your career.


2. Replace that Cropped Birthday Party Photo

In today’s environment of smart phones with complex photo editing built in, there are numerous options to obtain a solid, professional head-shot. You might be shocked to find that a handful of your friends are probably well versed in photography and would be willing to help you take a good photo for next to nothing. As part of adding to your professional profile, it is important to have a photo whose sole purpose is to serve as your professional head-shot.

Once obtained, update your LinkedIn profile at a minimum with the new photo. Depending on how you network on other social media platforms, consider carrying the photo over to other areas as well.


3. Invest in Your Local Chapter

For both AHIMA and ACDIS, local chapters of the national associations can be found across the United States. These chapters have historically offered a great venue for networking, continuing education, and professional advocacy. While you may already be a member of your local chapter, my TrustHCS recruiting team recommends getting active in these groups. For some, this means you may have to travel to regional meetings. If you’re looking for ways to expand your career, set aside some funds to make these meetings and move them up on your professional priority list.


4. Connect with the Right People

Ten years ago, simply having a basic resume, generally keeping up your LinkedIn profile, and listing on job listing sites was a solid approach to getting found. However, there are some serious resources available in today’s social media heavy environment that you shouldn’t pass up. One such resource is the Facebook page for JOBS for American Medical Coders.

On this one group alone, you can connect with upwards of 24,000 other professionals in our industry. These connections include resources to help with coding specific resume writing, industry specific recruiters, and others searching for their next career advancement. And you can pocket your $100 for use in another area given this suggestion is 100% free!


5. Avoid Continued Education Procrastination

Life often gets in the way when it comes to keeping up with the continuing education credits needed to maintain our credentials. However, there are numerous opportunities throughout the year to keep up with these educational requirements without cramming them all into the last month before submitting for your certification.

As an example, TrustHCS offers monthly lunch and learn sessions that deep-dive topics that can be submitted for AHIMA and AAPC Continuing Education Units (CEU). Explore your options to keep up with education throughout the year. With things in constant fluctuation, it is better to maintain an education schedule over the year than to cram everything in a one time. Knowing about important changes or topics in a timely fashion can help with not only being prepared for your next career move but also in serving in your current role.


BONUS: Change Your Email

A final bonus suggestion that costs nothing but can increase your chances of getting your dream job comes in the form of a simple email. Your email address can communicate a lot to an organization you’re looking to join. It is worth investigating a new email address if your current one doesn’t contain your name within it. Keeping non-professional terms out of the email address is important as well. Here are a few examples of email addresses that should be changed immediately. We pulled these from a rather hilarious BuzzFeed article on regrettable teenage email addresses.

  • jabbermouth04
  • hiphopgirl123
  • kitten777
  • tupperware67

Make sure your email communicates the appropriate level of professionalism when applying and communicating with a potential employer.


Connect with the TrustHCS Recruiting Team

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