Individuals around the country wonder what direction healthcare is heading, and many are uncertain of any new technology that emerges. There is hesitance regarding the new technique of treating patients. Scientists have discovered how to grow vital organs, utilize monitors that can indicate serious medical problems, and even perform telesurgery. Without this innovative technology, evolutionary healthcare would not be possible. The data side of healthcare is ever-changing as well. With the popularity of electronic health records, outsourcing services is now possible. Outsourcing provides many positives to a facility, such as having an experienced team come in to help improve the flow of data throughout the department. Along with outsourcing, employees that do certain jobs are now able to work from home. This improvement of technology has opened many avenues for the healthcare profession. From telehealth to electronic health records, the potential for healthcare is beyond what anyone can imagine.



New technology, such as telehealth, is creating a whole new world for healthcare. With telehealth, patients can video chat or message a provider about their health and determine the next steps that should be taken. This will save travel time for the patient and would reduce caregiver burden. It is not always feasible for a caregiver to bring a patient to multiple appointments in a week. By utilizing telehealth, individuals that live in an under-served area will have the ability to receive the healthcare that they deserve. Telesurgery is also now a possibility. Surgeons are able to perform a surgery using technology while in a different location.

Our governmental entities are continuing to build out the efficacy of telehealth in the healthcare industry. See this recent story regarding congress tackling medicare restrictions on telehealth.


Health Information Exchange (HIE)

The new technique of Health Information Exchange (HIE) gives the patient an option to opt in or out of the program. This program shares the patient information with other providers in the case it is needed by a consulting physician, or if the patient is seen in a different facility and the provider needs access to the health record. In times of emergency, there is not time to request a record. The HIE allows for quick access that can save the patients life in the case of an underlying condition, or even a serious allergy.


HIM Skills Evolving

The necessary skills of an HIM professional has also evolved over the past few years. Now more than ever, it is becoming more important for professionals to be familiar with concepts such as health data management, privacy and security, and health information exchange. With the implementation of electronic health records, it is important for the employees to understand the system, requiring computer and technology knowledge on top of the crucial health record specialties.

Exciting avenues for Health Information Management professionals have surfaced. The opportunities are endless on what can be done with data. For research purposes, higher quality of care, or even education we are now able to enhance our knowledge and improve health outcomes. Through direct or indirect patient care, all healthcare fields play a vital role in improving healthcare as we know it.


What are the craziest technological advances you have seen in your years of working in healthcare? Let us know in the comments below!