TrustHCS is excited to announce the on-boarding of our new Director of Auditing, Jodi Stewart. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, including 20 years in an acute care hospital setting, Jodi is experienced in:

  • Inpatient and outpatient coding and auditing
  • Coding education
  • Chargemaster support
  • HIPAA Privacy
  • Patient access
  • Healthcare quality
  • Accreditation
  • And patient satisfaction


Her management background has included responsibility for Patient Access, Health Information Management, Quality, Performance Assurance, Coding and Healthcare Privacy/Security.  In addition, Jodi has taught topics including medical terminology, pharmacology, medical coding, pathophysiology as an adjunct instructor. Needless to say, Jodi provides incredible value to the high-caliber TrustHCS auditing team!


About Jodi


Outside of normal business hours, you would find Jodi listening to podcasts, cooking, or reading.  She doesn’t have a TON of spare time to enjoy these things at the moment given she is also acquiring her Executive MBA. She recently told us that one thing she is committed to is working out (almost) every morning. She hates cardio, though. She stated, “If you see me running outside the gym, then you should run too because it means something really bad is coming.”


When Jodi was asked what her strongest characteristics were inside of the workplace, she noted she was approachable and a team player. She has been with TrustHCS for only a few weeks and we can already confirm her character. “It makes my heart sing to do good things on behalf of our clients.  I’m also an excellent event planner on the side at work, whether it’s HIPAA training, a routine all-employee meeting or coordinating/cooking pizza on the grill for everyone at the office just because!” she said. We look forward to the wood fire grilled pizza, Jodi!


Why TrustHCS?


Finally, and this might be our favorite part, we asked Jodi what about TrustHCS made it easy for her to come on board. “TrustHCS has a stellar reputation in the industry.  I met Cathy and Jana some time ago and we kept in touch.  They have always been a delight to speak with and I appreciated keeping in touch with them.  I also LOVE the humorous posts TrustHCS provides in social media…I literally laughed out loud at the road trip to AHIMA videos!” Frankly, we loved making everybody laugh during the road trip almost as much as everybody loved watching the videos. (Check out #RoadToAHIMA on Twitter so see what we are talking about)


On behalf of the whole TrustHCS family, we want to welcome Jodi with open arms! Make sure to connect with her on LinkedIn. Let her know that Dalton sent you.