TrustHCS Tied for 3rd in Best in KLAS 2019 Report

For the fifth year in a row we participated in the KLAS research of outsourced coding vendors and received some of the survey’s highest marks.  Considering the caliber of companies we compete with – teams like Peak, HCTec, Oxford and UASI – I’m very proud of our accomplishment.  We all work hard to take care of our clients and it is really rewarding to be recognized as one of the top providers in categories like Loyalty, Operations, Product, Relationship and Value.  These are pillars our company is built upon and they are the foundation of our culture.  We believe that “Trust is Earned” and our clients deserve the very best from us, every day.

Anyone who knows about the KLAS report understands its contribution to our industry.  KLAS provides comprehensive insight into companies who serve the healthcare space, from the customer’s perspective.  Real feedback, from real clients, without any marketing spin.  Take a look at our grade card…

Making the Grade

The Best in KLAS 2019 Report provided grades in various categories for outsourced coding vendors.  TrustHCS grades showed that we performed at an “A” level in almost all the report’s areas:

  • Loyalty (TrustHCS KLAS Grade: A)
  • Operations (TrustHCS KLAS Grade: A-)
  • Product (TrustHCS KLAS Grade: B)
  • Relationship (TrustHCS KLAS Grade: A)
  • Value (TrustHCS KLAS Grade: A)

2018 was a time of massive growth for TrustHCS. We added dozens of new clients, expanding hundreds of projects with existing clients, and added hundreds of new members to our team to meet growing demand.  During times of massive growth, it can be easy to lose sight of the goal – taking care of your clients.  I’m proud of our team and very thankful for our clients.

Look out. Here we come.

We are confident in our quest to be recognized as Best in KLAS.  In order to achieve this big goal, we’ll continue to focus on all of the little goals that help us get there – things like treating others the way you want to be treated, acting with integrity, putting in the hard work, providing the highest quality service and doing our absolute best to help our clients achieve their goals.