Tips for Coding and CDI Professionals


The days of requiring face-to-face interviews and carrying in a paper resume to secure a job are taking a back seat in the virtual world. Not only are positions in the coding and CDI space offering many more work-from-home options, the process of securing said positions is also taking place remotely. This trend that has picked up significant momentum over the past decade is also impacting our approach to networking. As the adage goes, “It’s not what you know but who you know.” But, getting to know others virtually can be tricky.

We discussed what approaches have worked for those networking well in our space. Consider the following suggestions to increase your virtual network.


Seek and Join Social Media Groups


Social media provides a great starting point to engage in virtual networking. Your local AHIMA, AAPC, and ACDIS chapters are likely to maintain Facebook pages, Twitter handles, LinkedIn groups, or Instagram accounts where you can join, follow, and engage the industry. Watch for similar social media accounts and opportunities for organizations you’re interested in joining.

These social media platforms are great locations to keep your ear to the ground on career opportunities, to identify shared connections you hold, and build your personal brand. Checkout and follow the TrustHCS LinkedIn page as a starting point. If you’re having a tough time determine additional groups to follow and join, ask your existing connections for suggestions.


Don’t be a Wallflower – Participate

Joining social media groups for networking is only beneficial if you make your presence known. This takes some dedicated time on a daily, or at least weekly basis to engage. Like, comment, and share within your groups. Post questions to the group for feedback and conversation. Post and share articles within your group that are intriguing and thought provoking. It doesn’t take hours per day to participate, but at least the time you spend sipping coffee in the morning could be assigned to general social media networking.

In today’s social media rich environment, it almost goes without saying; however, remember to keep any posts and engagements related to the group.


Present Your Brand

When networking, remember you’re always building and supporting your own personal brand. Your social profile photo, the content you share, the comments you provide; all of these speak to your personal brand. Work to keep your interactions professional, but don’t feel too locked down to not also show that you have a humorous or caring side. Professional networking can include humor and heart, as long as you work to avoid potentially offensive posts, or comments.

Presenting your brand goes well beyond the virtual network space. When your virtual networking opens an opportunity for face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, or video calls; you need your “elevator pitch”. An “elevator pitch” is a short message about you that can be communicated to a stranger you strike up conversation with on an elevator ride. Short, sweet, and too the point. Your personal “elevator pitch” should include these basic elements:


  • Your credentials
  • Where you’re working currently
  • How many years you’ve been in the industry
  • The work type you prefer (Example: Inpatient coding)
  • A general timeframe of when you’d be available for a career change


If you’re a student or recent graduate, here are some points to include in place of industry experience and current job.


  • The school you attended
  • The work types you’re most interested in and why (Example: I loved PCS in school.)


Don’t Forget Face-to-Face

In building and driving your virtual networking efforts, face-to-face networking should not be forgotten! There is still value in participating in and attending local and national association meetings. Don’t forget your elevator pitch and invest in some personal business cards for sharing contact information. Groups like Vistaprint can help you quickly design and print a professional card to make face-to-face networking easier.

Overall, get out there and make your presence known! As much as you’re longing to find a home to apply your knowledge and passion, there are companies like TrustHCS just as eager to find you.