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Staffing, Risk, and Revenue Integrity

Whether you are just beginning to investigate revenue cycle program improvements or deep into your analysis, the TrustHCS team can provide you a boost to your planning. Applying various industry best practices, studies, and experience from thousands of client projects; TrustHCS can generate a program analysis that will give greater insight and direction to your planning efforts.


best practice staffing levels across clinical documentation improvement, edit reconciliation, and coding operations for your specific patient population answering the questions:

“What is the benefit of adding one more FTE?”

“How many resources should I be allocating annually?”

“Where do I need to invest to expand my program’s capabilities?”


Estimated Annual Denials
at a 8.6% denial rate


Revenue at Risk
from Denials


your denials volumes and reasons against peers, answering the questions:

“What is an appropriate overall denial rate for our organization?”

“How much revenue is at risk related to my denials?”

“Where is our greatest opportunity for improvement by denial category?”


opportunities for increased revenue integrity answering the questions:

“What does a quality assurance program look like for my team and patient population?”

“Does an intervention based approach to ED make sense for our organization?”



Potential ED Revenue Adjustments

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