Coding Auditing Services

Tailored auditing programs from compliance and staff development
In the management of medical coding programs there is a constant need for both quality assurance and team development. Coding auditors from TrustHCS help with needs including:

Coding programs out of compliance on audit best practices


Reduction of coding-related denials


Lacking detail on areas for improvement for coding team members


Coder development

TrustHCS Can Help

TrustHCS auditors and educators deploy client-specific audits to:

  • Identify and correct knowledge gaps that are causing denials
  • Adjust Coding practices to ensure appropriate reimbursement
  • Establish an ongoing development program for coding teams

Tailored Audits and Engagement Flexibility

Regardless of your coding audit needs, TrustHCS audit services are designed to deliver:

  1. Tailored audit programs specific to client objectives across
    • Coder Accuracy and Quality
    • Compliance Monitoring
    • Service Line specific Accuracy and Quality
    • Coder development and education
    • Physician Coding Accuracy
  2. Engagement models to fit any need including
    • One-time Coding audits
    • Recurring audits in annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily timeframes
    • Revenue Integrity Monitoring with continual targeting areas of improvement and one-to-one mentorship
  3. Detailed audit reporting and insights covering
    1. CC/MCC Status
    2. Procedure Code Character errors
    3. Query potential impact
    4. Detailed coding accuracy
    5. MS-DRG shift impact from recommended coding queries
Our team develops and delivers tailored audit programs designed to achieve the goals of your organization and team.

Credentialed and Skilled

TrustHCS auditors maintain industry credentials and are experienced in the Health Information Management and coding industries. The TrustHCS auditing team also provides clients access to a skilled and industry respected set of educators to make the most of audit findings and coder development.

Specialized Auditors

Audit programs often require specialized auditor engagement to gain the best insights. The TrustHCS team is specialized within specific patient types, care settings and organization types including Academic Medical Centers, Short-term Acute Care, Critical Access Hospitals, Children’s Hospitals.

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