Coding Staffing Services

Credentialed professionals ready to assist your team

Managing medical coding operations requires being able to quickly adjust when changes in service lines, staff, and technology take place. TrustHCS has served as a coding partner across all facility and patient types to address:


Elevated DNFB


Coding staffing vacancies


Lacking quality or productivity from existing coding partners


Coding coverage and expertise for service line expansion


Coder productivity dips from technology implementation

TrustHCS Can Help

The TrustHCS team of credentialed coding professionals can help:

  • Deliver quality coding resources
  • Meet coding turnaround times
  • Maintain appropriate Discharge Not Final Billed and Accounts Receivable balances
  • Avoid coding-related denials
  • Minimize compliance risk

    Coding Professionals and Coordinated Service Delivery

    TrustHCS clients gain more than just access to trusted coding professionals. At TrustHCS, medical coding support includes:

    • Coordinated service delivery managed by account directors with HIM leadership experience
    • An established coding quality assurance program to ensure 95% overall accuracy
    • Productivity standards by patient type that are tracked and maintained
    • Complimentary re-coding of records with coding-related denials
    • Regular reporting on coder productivity and quality
    • System specific EHR and CAC coding expertise 

    Coding clients of TrustHCS have reported the on the level of service and attention they’ve received from the TrustHCS team for the past several years via the KLAS Outsourced Coding Providers reports. The high marks received in these third part reviews match up well with the reputation held among the coding community when it comes to working for TrustHCS. For over a decade, TrustHCS has been able to provide access to the most sought-after coding professionals in the industry to deliver the results our clients need.

    Quick Impact

    Review the Sacred Heart experience with TrustHCS that helped reduce DNFB by $3M in a single weekend.

    EHR Work Queues

    Read one of many EHR implementations TrustHCS helped get work queues back into alignment via the story of Mason General.

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    Connect with the TrustHCS team of industry respected coding experts today to discuss the needs of your program.

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