Edits and Denials

Proven practices to accelerate your revenue cycle quickly

Changes in technology and payor issues can lead to significant backlogs in the revenue cycle. TrustHCS has helped multiple organizations with edits and denials support to combat:


Increasing need for edit reconciliation expertise after an EHR implementation


Understaffed revenue cycle teams to manage claims volume


Elevated DNFB from stalled or denied claims


Clinical denials awaiting review


Increased need for the writing of clinical appeals letters

Optimize the Revenue Cycle

Optimizing the revenue cycle is important for any organization. Turning to TrustHCS’ team of edits and denials experts can help achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce write-offs
  • Decrease denial rate
  • Proactively address source of denials
  • Decreased DNFB
  • Receive appropriate reimbursement for the services provided
  • Overturn denials through appeal
  • Increase capabilities with incremental staffing

    Professional Depth and Project Strategy

    The TrustHCS team not only provides a deep bench of seasoned professionals to make quick work of your backlogs, you’ll also find a project management team familiar with your EHR and experienced in strategic team deployment. Our professionals are ready to provide:

    • Edit reconciliation
    • Denials review
    • Appeal writing
    • Appeal follow-up
    • Clinical and technical denials expertise
    • Denials education for remediation


    The perfect combination of mid-revenue cycle professionals and EHR work queue expertise to free a backlogged revenue cycle.  


    Clinical and Technical Mix

    TrustHCS can provide the proper project mix including clinical staff for appeal letter writing, technical denials and edits experts, and coding denials and edits experts.


    Proper Experience

    Client needs are matched to the appropriate team based on the background needed for each engagement. EHR experience is a critical matchup for any edit or denial project. 

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