TrustHCS Academy

Dedicated to growing coders

The TrustHCS Academy is dedicated to growing new coders to enter the field of medical records coding while also increasing the ICD-10 skills of seasoned coding professionals. A unique combination of on-line coding educational content and resources for student placement empowers the graduates of TrustHCS Academy.

The TrustHCS Academy offers:

  • Proven on-line, self-paced learning courses
  • ICD-10 training and education opportunities
  • Training designed for both new coders entering the field and seasoned coding professionals
  • Program graduate access to a recognized Health Information Management specific job placement firm
  • Overall Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) exam first time pass rates of 97%

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Frequently Asked Questions About TrustHCS Academy:

What financial aid options are available?

Financial assistance is not currently available. However, TrustHCS Academy has payment options available through PayPal.

Students can apply for the PayPal Bill Me Later option that extends a credit line for a pre-approved amount. With that option in place, students can pay with Bill Me Later and take advantage of a 6 month time frame to pay the total amount off with no interest. Learn more about Bill Me Later by clicking here.

Does TrustHCS guarantee employment upon the completion of the program and certification obtainment?

While employment is not guaranteed for graduates who have obtained certification, TrustHCS does look to the academy for the “best and brightest” to fill positions when they are available. In addition, TrustHCS Academy connects graduates of the program with a Health Information Management specific recruiting firm to help with job placement activities.

What are the computer requirements to access the courses?

Hardware Software Browser Operating System

Active internet connection (High speed/Broadband connection recommended)

800 X 600 minimum resolution (1024 X 768 or higher recommended)

Sound card and speakers (Earphones recommended)

Available USB port

Adobe Flash Player (ver. 10 or higher)

Windows Media Player (ver. 10 or higher) or Quicktime Player (ver. 7 or higher)

PDF reader

Internet Explorer 7, 8, 8, 10 and 11



Javascript and cookies must be enabled

Microsoft Windows (XP®, Vista®, 7 with latest service pack, 8)

Mac OS

Note: Mobile browsing devices are not supported.

How much is the course?

Three programs are available. The New Student Program runs $4,035. The Advanced Training Program runs $2,541. The Fast Track Program runs $924. Details on which program is right for your specific background can be found by clicking here.

Does the course fee cover books/coding books?

Yes. The fee covers the online program, books, coding books, Thursday session (not mandatory) and access to TrustHCS industry experts.

Are courses 100% online?

Yes, courses are 100% online. TrustHCS provides a Thursday workshop (remote) that is NOT mandatory but available to students.

Is the credential included in the price?

No. Credential costs run up to and around $300. Inpatient Coder credential information (CCS/CCA) is found by clicking here. Outpatient Coder credential information (COC, CIC) is found by clicking here.

How long will this course take?

Times vary dependent upon the time a student can allocate to the course. Details on length of time per program can by found by clicking here. As an example, in the New Student Program, if you study 3 to 4 hours a day and on various weekends you will finish in roughly 10 to 12 months. If in the same program you study 7 to 8 hours a day you should finish in about roughly 7 to 9 months.

Do I need experience in the medical field?

No. A good medical coder is someone who is a critical thinker, not easily distracted, and very disciplined.

Are coding jobs remote?

TrustHCS employees a 100% remote coding workforce. Most coding companies operate in a remote environment as well.

Do I get a degree when I graduate?

Students will receive a certificate of completion. This program specifically prepares you to pass the national credential. It gives you a solid coding foundation in order to succeed as a coder.

If I graduate and pass the credential, do I have to work for only TrustHCS?

No. Your credential is national. You can work for any employer in any state once a credential is obtained.

Do I need to remember every code for the credential test?

No. You are able to take your coding books to the test.

Are there semesters? When can I start?

Once payment has been made and logins to the on-line courses are provided, students have 12 months to complete the program at their own pace.

Are there online quizzes and tests?

Yes. Your program will walk you through the work methodically. Students will be presented modules to complete. Within the modules are quizzes and end of modular exams. You must have an 85% in all quizzes and exams to be able to take your final. The final exam is remote as well with the ability to utilize all resources. The final is open book.

What is the starting pay for a new coder?

Typically, starting pay is around $16 an hour.