On September 20th, the winners will be announced for the 2019 Stevie Awards. This year, the TrustHCS on-boarding and recruiting teams were not only nominated but listed among the finalists for award consideration!

While we wait for the final award announcement, we wanted to provide the details of what the TrustHCS team accomplished to necessitate nomination.


The Demands on the Team

For healthcare providers, securing experienced and credentialed staff for various roles in their organizations is critical to their short and long-term success. TrustHCS has provided these qualified individuals in the areas of medical coding and clinical documentation improvement in both supplemental and outsourced engagements. Locating, vetting, and hiring the right professionals for these roles ties directly to the value proposition TrustHCS makes to the healthcare market. Adding to the importance of recruiting at TrustHCS is the fact the healthcare space has a large pool of talent to work through to find the top-level resources required by TrustHCS clients.

In 2018, TrustHCS hired 302 of these talented professionals expanding their team to over 600 employees. As a work-from home company, these hires were all brought on through remote interview and vetting methods. This high concentration of remote employees combined with the need for an efficient hiring process created an often-complicated on-boarding process as well.


Gina Richmond – The Recruiting Powerhouse

For the 302 new hires at TrustHCS in 2018, the recruiting work, vetting, and detailed interview scheduling process was all executed via one team member, Gina Richmond.

Gina worked in 2018 to establish her presence and that of TrustHCS across multiple associations and social media groups frequented by the health information professionals TrustHCS hires. Her recruiting efforts went above basic management of listings on job boards and outreach via LinkedIn, she took to establishing a household name among the professionals in the industry. Gina worked to establish a solid presence for TrustHCS on frequented Facebook pages for professionals. She also helped to push the presence of TrustHCS on Glassdoor and LinkedIn. This included establishment of a regular recruiting newsletter sent monthly to all applicants and recruits providing career tips for the industry.

As part of the talent acquisition process, Gina had to perform initial vetting of candidates via remote interviews and push qualified candidates to complete a knowledge test to properly vet experience. Gina also coordinated the subsequent interviews of candidates with hiring managers and applicable business line directors. Nearing August of 2018, Gina’s efforts in recruiting were so successful that an additional Human Resources team member was added to provide support to her efforts.


Charmagne Payne – On-Boarding Down to a 5 Day Average

The on-boarding process for most of these new hires were also executed through a single Human Resources team member, Charmagne Payne. From January to November of 2018, Mrs. Payne on-boarded 235 new hires to TrustHCS. With nearly all these hires working remotely, the on-boarding process Charmagne had to execute included coordinating the completion of nearly 30 pages of new hire paperwork, issuing applicable computer equipment, and ensuring necessary system access was established. In addition to on-boarding this massive number of new hires, Mrs. Payne worked through all these new staff while preparing for her own maternity leave in November 2018.

Charmagne established a detailed process with all necessary steps properly documented to hand-off her on-boarding process during her maternity leave at the end of 2018. While on maternity leave, another 67 new hires were successfully on-boarded with little issues thanks to Mrs. Payne’s preparation and processes.

In addition to establishing, executing, and handing off the on-boarding process for these 300+ new hires; efficiency of the process went above expectations. On average, these new hires were on-boarded within 5 days from the time an offer was accepted. In some cases, when needed, the process was executed with 48 hours of hire to meet client staffing demands. The on-boarding process established by Mrs. Payne in 2018 plays a critical role in the delivery of professional services from TrustHCS to hundreds of healthcare organizations across the United States.


A Team of Note

While the winners are still being finalized for the 2019 Stevie Awards, the TrustHCS team knows both Gina and Charmagne are worthy of recognition regardless of the final awards outcome. We are proud of the work they completed to ensure the professionals at TrustHCS are vetted, welcomed, and brought into the TrustHCS family with the greatest level of care.

As a footnote to all these accomplishments, Gina and Charmagne achieved all of this while the TrustHCS Human Resources team was also implementing an entirely new Payroll and HR system!

Their efforts are what leads to TrustHCS maintaining high Glassdoor rankings as an employer and consistent industry recognition as a quality services provider.